A Flexible Gift

A cooking class is an ideal gift for anyone who loves food or wine! And it's a wonderful experience for two people to do together.  About a third of the people attending class use a gift certificate received from friends or family. You can purchase a one-day Saturday class for two people (cooking partners) which is the most popular choice, or for one person (solo cook). Please call the school to discuss a gift certificate for the seasonal two-day Food & Wine Weekends or five-day Culinary Vacation since there are few dates for the recipient to choose. We only recommend these longer classes as gifts if you've confirmed the dates with the recipient in advance. Tel: 905-468-8304.

About one third of the people attending class each year use a gift certificate received from friends or family, including birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts.

 We are currently selling Gift certificates for 2017 Classes.

  • Gift certificates are valid only for the calendar year for which they are are purchased (i.e. 2017).
  • There is no need to commit to a specific date at the time you purchase the gift certificate. 
  • Recipients can book online for any 2017 Saturday class date with space available, selecting what works best for their schedule. Recipients use their gift certificate code to pay online.