I loved it all – the people who attended, the prep work, the attitude you displayed, the relaxed yet purposeful agenda – and the wine was good too!
— Bob B., Orangeville, ON

Saturday Classes at a Glance:

To see specific programs, dates and availability, or to book your class, please go to our Class Calendar>> page. 


  • All our classes are five-hours long and completely hands-on.

  • Participants work in teams of two (we try to match solo cooks with a partner) and cook the entire menu.

  • You will do the prepping, the cooking but NOT the clean up!

  • Classes are planned so that the cooking and eating are interspersed throughout the session.

  • Each course is matched with a complementary Strewn wine and you will learn principles of food & wine pairing.

  • Price includes instruction, food, wine, recipes and a logo'd apron for each participant.

WCCS 2020 Schedule.png
Once again we had a wonderful time. We’re looking forward to next year’s adventure, probably bringing more people with us.
— Bill and Concetta F., Buffalo, N.Y.

Number of Participants:

  • Classes are normally capped at 16 people – there are two teams at each of four large butcher block work tables.

  • We can accommodate one extra team if necessary by bringing in a mobile work station.


  • Menus are always seasonal and incorporate local products wherever possible.

  • Each meal includes a salad course, a main course (protein plus accompanying dishes) and dessert.

  • Participants eat together in our private dining room in the winery, adjacent to the hands-on kitchen.

  • We do not post our menu in advance as we try to accommodate participants' dietary or food issues they identify when booking.


  • Saturday classes are scheduled from mid-January until the end of November.


  • Saturday daytime classes begin at 10 am and end about 3 pm.

  • The monthly Saturday evening class (the 4th Saturday of the month) begins at 4 pm and finishes about 9 pm.


  • Each class is stand alone and is booked separately. Cost for a one-day class in 2019 or 2020 is $395 for two people (Cooking Partners); $225 for one person (a Solo Cook).

  • Prices are in Canadian dollars and 13% HST (tax) is applicable.

Cancellation Policy:

  • All bookings are considered firm and payment is processed at time of booking.

  • If you are unable to attend class, you may send a substitute. No refund is given for cancellations.

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