Meet the experts who guide your day.


Jane Langdon, Founder

A foodie by training (Ryerson University), Jane's background includes working as a food writer, communications expert with Agriculture Canada and many years in communications as head of her own food and lifestyle agency. Jane started the Wine Country Cooking School to bring to life her passion for delicious, locally-inspired recipes, paired with great VQA wines. Jane has developed the school's programs and recipes, teaches many classes and oversees the team.


Charlotte Gilbey, Anne McCosley, Lynda Haakman, Agnes Roscoe and Teresa Talarico
The school is lucky to have five very organized assistants to call upon as needed. They help keep classes organized, make sure ingredients and cookware are out at the appropriate time and assist any cooks needing a little extra support. Charlotte and Anne have been with the school for more than a dozen years, primarily with Saturday classes. Charlotte is our baking expert and Anne is a retired home economics teacher, while you're most likely to find Lynda, Agnes and Teresa working with corporate/private classes. Tricia Bertoia is the final, but not the least important, team member and looks after cleaning all the dishes. And with anywhere from 8 to 64 cooks, there can be a lot of dishes!

Joe Will, Strewn President


Every class includes an informal discussion on food and wine pairings, frequently conducted by Joe Will, Strewn's President and founding winemaker. Joe's degree in chemistry was the perfect foundation for his training as a master winemaker through Australia's noted Roseworthy College at the University of Adelaide. Before starting Strewn, Joe worked in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley and was the first winemaker at Pillittteri Estates Winery. Within the cooking school, Joe's true claim to fame may be that he is Jane's husband.